Wednesday, May 7

Remind Me Again Why I Need a Man - Claudia Carroll

TV soap producer Amelia Lockwood has it all - great friends (too fabulous actor Jamie, charmed catalogue mum-of-two Caroline, and divorced twice Rachel), enough money, and a job she (sometimes) loves. But she's tired of being single - she's tried fix ups, internet dating, speed dating to no avail. So when Rachel sees a flier for a ten week course that virtually guarantees she'll be married before the year's out she decides to go for it. She didn't realise that it would involve contacting all her past boyfriends, including He Whose Name Shall Forever Remain Unspoken (the South African rat fink who broke her heart), to find out why it didn't work. And she never expected that she'd learn so much about herself in the process.
This is an interesting and engaging novel, a little above the usual chick lit calibre and unusual in its satisfying but unconventional ending. There were a few things that jarred for me, most strongly the really uninformed and unpleasant references to South Africa on p. 56 that were almost enough to make me abandon the novel altogether. However, putting that aside I for the most part enjoyed Remind Me Again Why I Need a Man. - Alex

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