Tuesday, May 6

Rachel Caine: Ill Wind

Though capable of controlling even the most violent of storms a weather warden is powerless against a bureaucracy that accuses her of corruption and murder. There’s only one person who can help her and he’s the most wanted man on earth having stolen three djinn off the very people she’s on the run from. Chased by untrustworthy djinn, the warden law enforcers and an increasingly violent storm, and not knowing who to trust the question is whether or not this woman can survive long enough to clear her name.
The premise is hardly new-person on the run from false accusations is desperate to clear their name-but the supernatural slant gave the trite idea a certain freshness and the unexpected twist at the end was extremely well done. I didn’t see it coming at all.
Well written action sequences (many of which are flashbacks) and a fast pace disguises the fact that not very much actually happens in this book. I’m usually happy to overlook a thin plot and lack of character development if a story takes me on a fun enough ride but this one left me just a little flat.
I’m unsure as to whether or not I actually liked this book. Certainly I didn’t hate it. I think I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve pursued the series further.-Lynn

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