Thursday, May 15

The Savvy Girl's Money Book - Emily Chantiri

As you know, I'm newly on a budget and interested in learning how to save money and best utilise what I've saved so far. A few years ago Chantiri and some friends decided to take control of their finances and turned their book group into a finance and investment group, and started making money. They wrote a book(The Money Club), then followed it up with another book (Financially Fit for Life). In The Savvy Girl's Money Book Chantiri takes what she learned from the club, from her financial decision thus far, and her previous forays into writing, to create a handbook for young Australian women who're ready to take control of their financial futures.
There's some very useful information, including a number of neutral organisational URLs (for the Australian Stock Exchange and financial advisers etc), and Chantiri has laced the drier aspects with real life accounts of financial transformation, including the experiences of two of her sisters.
On the down side these accounts are printed in an irritating green that's hard to read in dim light, or even day light, particularly in contrast with the high gloss back ground. Having already read a few of these advice books now I didn't find much that was new (except the websites), but this doesn't mean it wouldn't be useful for those just starting out. That said, I'll soon be reviewing the book I've found most helpful thus far, and would certainly recommend that as a great place to start. - Alex

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