Monday, June 23

Elizabeth Hoyt: The Serpent Prince

When a country bred lady finds a naked, unconscious man in a ditch and takes him home to nurse back to health, she falls in love for the first time.
A Viscount, he has been searching out conspirators who together killed his older brother, and challenging them to duels on trumped up excuses. These men are in turn trying to kill him before he succeeds in killing them; he has no time or inclination to take a wife. But he cannot forget the innocent miss who saved his life and, in spite of his better judgement, the two marry.
When she discovers his mission to avenge his murdered brother, she cannot condone his methods and leaves him. Torn between losing his love and avenging his family the Viscount eventually agrees to a compromise that allows him to maintain his pride and his lady love.
The Serpent Prince was an enjoyable historical romance with a number of unconventional elements (mainly in the form of erotic scenes - masturbation not being a common feature of the genre).
While the main story was entertaining, it was in the subplots that fascinating elements of intrigue were to be found and I would’ve liked to have seen them developed much further than they were but I appreciate that was outside the scope of this book which is first and foremost a romance.
Overall this was an undemanding read with greater potential than was realised, worth a look if you’re a fan of historical romance but not a great introduction to the genre-Lynn.

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