Tuesday, June 24

Killer Instinct - Zoë Sharp

Ex-army chick Charlie Fox teaches self-defence to all comers, but especially the women at a local refuge. She's drawn into a police investigation when, after a night out, a woman she tussled with at the New Adelphi Club, a recently opened night club, is found dead, the latest victim of a serial killer. Charlie winds up working as a bouncer at the Adelphi, much to the irritation of the all-male staff, and her suspicions that there's a connection between the deaths and the club don't help matters.
This was a fair enough escapist read - not particularly memorable but inoffensive. The characters were somewhat well developed, the plot was relatively intricate, the killer was moderately unpredictable, but nothing really stood out. In fact, reviewing this a wee while (a week, give or take) after reading it, I had to read the blurb to remember who the protagonist was. Perhaps this is partly because I've been glutting on strong, dense, gripping novels recently, but Killer Instinct failed to make much of an impression at all. If you're after a light distraction or something that will fit in a pocket or bag and help you while away the time waiting in a queue, this is the ticket. - Alex

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