Thursday, June 26

Kerry Greenwood: Murder in the Dark

Invited to a four day extravaganza billed as the Last Best party of 1928, Phryne Fisher is undecided about attending - until she starts to receive anonymous threats warning her off. Then the intrepid lady detective has no choice but to go.
Once there she finds herself amongst an eclectic bunch of characters, which naturally include an assortment of charming gentlemen. She is soon caught up in kidnappings and following a trail of cryptic clues that she must decipher if she is to prevent her host’s assassination.
This story delivers all the intrigue, danger, debauchery and glamour that I have come to expect from this series, however, the mystery element was missing for me this time around.
Perhaps I have become too familiar with the author’s style (always a risk when one gluts upon a back catalogue) but I identified the villain almost as soon as his character was introduced (though I did not pick the murderer himself), and the person behind at least one of the kidnappings was immediately obvious.
But that is a small complaint of little consequence when character is so well developed and the writing of such high standard. This may not be the most outstanding book of the series so far but it was thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless.-Lynn

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