Saturday, June 14

Thin Air - Rachel Caine

Naked, almost frozen and lost in a snowy wilderness, Joanne Bladwin - Warden of Weather and Fire, former djinn returned human, lover of a djinn, mourning mother of an impossible daughter, bane of the Warden's Council, and saviour - has lost her memory. Stalked by a demon, the world being torn asunder, and the Wardens still struggling to function without the slave power of the now-free djinn, Jo has to remember what's going on and who to trust before everything falls apart.
This is the sixth in the Weather Warden series (new to the series? Start here) and things are getting increasingly tangled, especially if, like Joanne (and me) you can't really remember what went on before. I've been putting off reading this for a bit, out of concern that it would be a little too Jenna Solitaire for me. Although Caine manages to avoid the shallow characterisation and lingerie-style plot (so wispy it barely exists), I did find my credibility strained, even granting the usual allowances for the genre. As if becoming a djinn, then returning to human form, adding powers left, right and centre, and having every male being on the planet fall for her was not enough, now she can also fight demons and negotiate djinn peace.
Not bad, well crafted, but just a little too much for me, this will be my last excursion into this particular universe. - Alex

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