Thursday, August 6

Against the Tide of Years – SM Stirling

Some ten years after the island of Nantucket was inexplicably taken back to the Bronze Age, its inhabitants are settling in to their new lives. After an initial position of isolationism, Nantucket's government is realising that the renegades, headed by former Coast Guard William Walker, mean that this is no longer a viable option. As he builds an empire on the back of 'magic' like gunpowder, the Republic is at risk of invasion, but the populace in general is more interested in building commerce than tracking Walker down and dealing with him. That is until his native accomplice Tartessos leads a sneak attack on the island.
This is the review I'm saddest not to have been able to write contemporaneously - due to surgery and recuperation I was able to read but not write or type for a few weeks, and Against the Tide of Years is one of the richly plotted, densely characterised novels I read in this period that can not easily be captured weeks after the reading. Although I enjoy the Emberverse series more, I am also enjoying the Nantucket trilogy. - Alex

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