Friday, August 14

A Sudden Wild Magic - Diana Wynne Jones

For centuries the Ring, a group of male and female witches, have protected Britain from disaster. Troubled by global warming, the inner circle investigates and discovers that many of our problems have been deliberately created by people in a neighbouring, parallel universe so they can steal our solutions for themselves. Infiltrated by spies, only the inner circle know the details of a mission designed to save Earth, as the Ring prepares to take on these pirates.
The High Head of All Horns has been increasingly disappointed with the calibre of servicemen sent from the Fiveir lately - some of this most recent batch only just meet the requirements, and it's an indication of bigger issues. Already under pressure from the Pentarchy, particularly the inner Convent of Lethe and specifically Lady Marceny, the spavined centaur and spindly gualdian are the last straws. That is until a bus laden with otherworlders crashes - and as if that weren't bad enough, all the survivors are women!
I've enjoyed all of Jones' books since my first encounter in the late seventies (The Ogre Downstairs), and this is no exception. Aimed at a more adult audience than her usual affair, A Sudden Wild Magic incorporates sex , an affair and resulting child, and a dash more darkness into her usual palette.
Sadly the internet age the first draft of this review, so there will not be a more exhaustive analysis but boiled down: though not her best this is better than usual fantasy and still thoroughly enjoyable. - Alex

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