Wednesday, August 19

Carolyn Hart: Ghost at Work

A woman bored by Heaven decides to join the Department of Good Intentions-a kind of afterlife outreach program that offers a helping hand to people in dire straits.
Her first assignment is a little rushed but in her old home town the pastor’s wife has found a dead man on her porch and without immediate help the pastor and/or his wife will become a suspect in his murder.
In life she’d always liked a mystery and being dead puts her in a unique position to solve them and help those who need it most along the way.
This book opens with the sentence-
Incandescent dashes of pink and gold spangled the fluffy white clouds that arched over the entrance to the Department of Good Intentions.
I almost put it down right there but I decided since it is obviously the first in a series and I had heard good things about this author I would give it a chance. So I read on through to the end of chapter two before I gave up on this one.
The writing speaks for itself. Though the chapters I read were not entirely as overblown as the opening would suggest there was a definite flavour to the words. My overall impression from these chapters was one of simplicity and innocence. The voice was reminiscent of many children’s books I’ve read with a touch of what I have come to think of as late sixties/early seventies writing style. Not good or bad within itself and not usually a deal breaker for me.
So what didn’t work for me?
Hard to say exactly but I think what really put the last nail in the coffin was the heroine’s busy body, self centred attitude. Strange because I suspected what her personality would be from the synopsis, so not as if it was a surprise-still…
We all know where the path of good intentions leads us-and it isn’t to Heaven. This is one series I’ll not be pursuing-Lynn

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