Thursday, August 13

Once Bitten, Twice Shy - Jennifer Rardin

Assassin, and martial artist Jaz Parks is unconventional and works alone, a condition of her employment with the CIA. But after a series of dangerous near misses her supervisor is concerned about her safety and sense of self preservation; he partners her with Vayl, a vampire and Wraith renown for his skills and abilities.
I was keen to embark on this relatively new paranormal series, but sadly found the writing too lumpen and Jaz too irritating to progress toward the plot. The dialogue, particularly the sections I imagine were attempts at witty banter, rang false and forced, and the embittered internal monologue made an already unsympathetic protagonist positively unlikeable to me.
That I am not the majority is clear from the fact that this is only the first in a series five books long at the time of writing, with a sixth novel set for release in October. For me, though, this unfinished effort is the first and last Jaz Parks assignment I intend to experience - Alex

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