Sunday, August 2

Family Trust – Amanda Brown

Becca Reinhart is a successful, self-made venture capitalist who loves her work and her scheduled-to-the-minute life, thrives under pressure and relishes the rush of a deal well done. The only fly in the ointment is everyone's concern about her single status, a fact that worries Becca not at all. She could not be more different than laid-back, mannerly trust fund baby Edward Kirkland, who fills his days with casual philanthropy on behalf of his family, and his nights with a variety of beautiful women. When the two are made co-guardians of orphaned four-year-old Emily their priorities change and they find love.
I imagine. Perhaps it's just that I've read too many chick lit novels about disaffected, career-oriented women in their thirties but I couldn't make it past page 9. The premise is far fetched but I suspect I could have overlooked that had the writing grabbed me. I found Becca annoying and two-dimensional, and quit half way through a paragraph, long before either Edward of Emily came on the scene.
While there are a lot of mediocre chick list books out there for no good reason, I suspect Family Trust made it into print because it was authored by the writer of smash hit Legally Blonde - while I saw the film, I skipped the book so I can't tell if that was a good (for its type) film based on a good novel or a triumph inspired by dross. About this, though, I have no doubt. Eh - Alex

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