Thursday, September 13

Buried - Mark Billingham

When the kidnappers of a teenage boy are found dead, the boy nowhere to be found, it's not clear if he's still abducted or on the run. And the police want to know why his parents, including his retired cop father, didn't report him missing for several days. And that's just the beginning of the mystery...
This is the sixth Billingam novel, but my first, and I can't tell if it's jetlag, the fact that this is my second kidnap novel in almost as many days, the style, or the fact that I'm unfamiliar with the backstory that made me find this tale incoherent, choppy and more than a little confusing. That's a shame, because I think his premises sound interesting, and I hope that he's not the thriller genre's version of Katie MacAlistair. So why did I pick book six? When you're at the airport, all your luggage on another continent, you can't be too picky about reading material. But before I tackle him again (starting this time at book one) I'll make sure I'm well rested. - Alex

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