Thursday, September 6

Phil Rickman: Crybbe

A millionaire music tycoon comes to a small town seeking to renew his spirit by reawakening the town’s magical centre. But this town has a legacy of dark magic, an evil that only the continuation of a four hundred year old tradition can hold back. As his project goes ahead the guardians of this tradition are slowly picked off and the evil starts to reclaim the town and its citizens. It is up to a pair of relative new comers to put a stop to things before it’s too late and the town and its inhabitants lose their souls.
I enjoyed this book very much. The many narrative threads give the reader a number of different and interesting perspectives on the overall story. Questions about magic, if it exists, what it could be if it does and how it can be controlled or suppressed are woven throughout the story. Also raised are questions about money and fame, how much happiness can they bring, what can they buy and what are people willing to do to attain either or both. What I liked most though, as always, was the writer’s style. He has a way of taking the mundane giving it a small twist and turning it into something special, something eerie, something else. Though there were a few cases of overt violence the gore factor is relatively low. The story’s chill factor stemming from excellent atmospheric descriptive passages. This author understands that the subtle implication carries greater scare power than open statement ever can.-Lynn

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