Saturday, September 8

Not Remotely Controlled - Lee Siegel

This is a collection of US critic and New Republic editor Seigel's columns (mostly) on the topic of TV - grouped into categories like Cops ("Why Cop Shows are Eternal"), Religion, Drama, War and Reality Television. His opinions are frequently acerbic, and the reader is in no doubt about where he feels things feel short.
I found the essay on Donald Trump very interesting, and agreed with Siegel on a number of topics. I would have like to read about something, anything that he liked, of only for the change of pace, and wouldn't recommend reading the entire collection in one or two uninterrupted sittings, as I did.
Siegel's tone is a little overly-learned and arch for my tastes, but I enjoyed his perspective. And if you're interested in popular culture analysis in general, and television in particular, you might find this interesting too. - Alex

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