Wednesday, September 26

The Girls - Lori Lansens

Twenty-nine year old Canadian Rose Darlen's writing her autobiography, which her Aunt Lovey always said should be called Double Duty or Two for One, because in her whole life Rose has never been alone. Her every moment she has been with her smaller sister Ruby. Joined at the head, Rose and Ruby are the world's oldest living craniopagus twins.
The sisters have distinctive voices - Rose's reflective, writerly reminiscences are intermittently interspersed with Ruby's more direct outlook, and between the two a coherent story - not just about their lives to this point, but also about what precipitated the writing - emerges. The reader develops a clear, complex and compelling vision of their lives together - lives that are on occasion lonely but never alone, that began with loss, and that have an unexpected symmetry.
I thoroughly enjoyed this remarkable and extraordinary story. - Alex

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