Friday, January 18

Clive Bloom: Gothic Horror-A Guide for Students and Readers

This book contains a collection of extracts from gothic writers from the style’s historical beginnings to its modern interpretation. Included is an extensive chronological bibliography of the most significant works in the genre. Introductions from original volumes and authors’ notes (which I admit I would not normally read) provide some insight into what the writers were trying to achieve with these works and how they were regarded when first published.
I found this collection both intriguing and frustrating. Intriguing because each of the chosen extracts demonstrates a significant point and frustrating because, designed as a text for students of English Literature, each point provides a great jumping off place for farther discussion which as a lone reader I could not indulge in.
A great round up of the style that left me wanting a deeper analysis of the whys and hows of its success. It also left me with the realisation that there are a few classics that I still haven’t got around to reading, something I must remedy sooner rather than later.-Lynn

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