Monday, January 14

Phil Rickman: The Lamp of the Wicked

The fifth book in the series of Merrily Watkins, diocesan Deliverance Consultant, mysteries. This one sees her called in to conduct the funeral of a suspected serial killer. The local village, enjoying a revitalisation after years of decline, is not happy to be the home and final resting place of a multiple murderer with links to the most notorious serial killers in criminal history.
Throw in a police sergeant with his own agenda, a wealthy recluse with an angel fixation, a rocky relationship with her lover as he nervously makes his musical comeback and the usual dramas of a teenaged daughter and this book takes you on a great ride.
As always Rickman delivers a great multilayered story with unexpected twists and interesting tangents that keep you guessing until the end.
The characters and their relationships with each other keep growing in believable ways. I particularly like his treatment of the teenaged daughter; he has captured the awkward blend of adult and child and interpreted her relationship with her mother very well. The main character herself is also developing in confidence yet still maintains a believable vulnerability.
To sum up-deliciously eerie and completely believable.-Lynn

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