Friday, January 4

Kelley Armstrong: Dime Store Magic

A witch finds herself in a battle for the custody of her adopted daughter when the girl’s sorcerer father discovers her existence. Under attack from a cabal of powerful sorcerers and their telekinetic half-demon employee, and expelled from her coven when the neighbours discover what she is, she turns to a sorcerer lawyer for help. Together they fight the cabal, initiate the teenaged witch and discover long missing spell books, falling in love along the way.
Vendettas, secrets, teenaged angst and troublesome neighbours - of course I enjoyed this book. It’s fast paced and full of unexpected twists. I was already superficially familiar with the main characters from the author’s earlier works but this book fleshed them out well creating believable people from the earlier sketches. We are given more detail into the ordering of this magical world and I anticipate seeing more of these characters in the future or at least their tangential friends.
Set in a world established in earlier works this is a stand alone story that can be read without being familiar with those works but I would suggest at least reading Stolen first, since that is where many of these characters make their debut. Though strictly speaking that’s not necessary.-Lynn


Chrissy said...

I love a good book with unexpected twists and turns.
A book I just finished reading with just that is called Dancing Backward to Paradise. And the author - Vera Jane Cook - she is a gifted writer that could break your heart, and then have you break out into laughter.
We all know life has its tragedies, humor and even mysteries - This story has all of that.
I have read so many novels that slip through the cracks - make sure you don't let this be one of them.


Alex and Lynn Ward said...

I haven't read anything by Ms Cook but when time permits (I currently have over a dozen books waiting to be read) I may take a look.
What makes you think this would be of interest to us?
Alex & Lynn