Saturday, January 19

Operation Sunshine – Jenny Colgan

Medical receptionist Evie is in desperate need of a good holiday – somewhere tropical, by water, with glamorous people and cocktail-bearing waiter. When her cosmetic surgeon bosses decide to bring her along to a conference in Cannes it seems as though all her hopes will finally come to fruition. Okay, there are a few down sides – it’s still work, her supercilious and bossy friend Lydia (receptionist for another cosmetic surgeon nearby) is also going, the hotel she’s staying in is appalling, and her dreadful brother John Jr and his quite nice but very plastic wife Kelly are also there – but Evie still plans to have the time of her life.
This is a frothy, holiday read and doesn’t aspire to be anything else. The plot was absorbing enough but lacked depth, and the characters were three-dimensional but only just. I have liked other Colgan works (particularly Searching for Andrew McCarthy, who was my preferred brat packer) better, but it was an enjoyable enough diversion for my first venture into froth thus far this year. - Alex

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