Sunday, January 20

Lorna Tedder: Dark Revelations

An antiquities thief decides it’s time to retire but she soon discovers nobody ever retires from her employers and they are singularly reluctant to let her go. Desperate to get away from the life she has led she decides to keep her latest acquisition, an ancient manuscript her employer intends to destroy, and run. During her getaway she inadvertently kidnaps her employer’s grandson, and discovers the shocking historical secret contained within the book she has stolen. She must return the child and hide the manuscript without losing her life.
This is the third book in the Madonna Key series. Action packed, fast paced and full of suspense this instalment rarely pauses for breath. It was great to see a middle-aged heroine still out there kicking butt and scoring with the gorgeous guys.
I really enjoyed this latest instalment in the series which develops the over arcing storyline even while it deepens the mystery. While the book could stand alone and still be a great read, keeping it in sequence gives it a greater depth than it would otherwise have.-Lynn

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