Thursday, January 10

Patricia Briggs: Moon Called

When a shape shifting coyote offers a newly turned werewolf work in her garage she buys into a whole lot of unexpected trouble. She gets dragged into a werewolf turf war, finds herself on the wrong side of a powerful witch clan and relying on a sheep medallion to help her escape from a nest of vampires.
As a long time fan of the supernatural I’ve been enjoying the current popularity of the genre, I no longer have to hunt through shelves searching for a paranormal hit, the stories have gone mainstream. The downside is that a lot of the stuff out there is beginning to sound the same. So I was pleasantly surprised by this new take on the old werewolf theme.
This book addresses some of the problems that would be faced by people living as wolves. Fights for dominance between members of the same pack and with other packs and indeed, other predators, for territory, the difficulties for women in such groups that see females only in terms of their mates and the problems caused to loved ones by keeping the whole thing secret.
Sure there is a story in there and it is fast paced with an intricate yet easily followed plot but it was the world building that impressed me most. I will be looking for more of Briggs’ works.-Lynn

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