Sunday, March 9

Blood is the New Black - Valerie Stivers

Despite her interest in fashion, Kate McGraw is going to be a doctor. This is because she's interested in the human body and helping people, and only a tiny bit influenced by her fashion-designer mother abandoning her and her father to advance her career. But when Kate's strong-willed aunt Victoria introduces her to the editor of Tasty, America's hottest magazine, and somehow wangles her an internship, Kate feels powerless to say no - at least for the summer.
Things are strange at Tasty, even for the fashion industry - the powers that be start late, are spookily thin and pale and white of tooth, and all drink disgusting-looking beetroot juice concoctions all day. But the world is glamorous, even when dead models start showing up.
This is, of course, another version of the paranormal vampiric genre, this time set in a Devil Wears Prada-esque milieu.
This is a fair enough read, though it doesn't offer anything new. I'd be interested to see what Stiver's writes next, but not enough to buy it or even go out of my way to look for it. - Alex

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