Saturday, March 15

Fell Back - ME Kerr

Thanks to the lessons of his father, a detective who died the previous year, Fell knew as soon as the body of Lasher's body was found at the foot of The Tower that the friendless student hadn't taken his own life. His own identity now revealed, Fell has nothing to hide and feels obliged to uncover how Lasher died. His journey takes him into another web of intrigue and deception, and Fell learns more about the culture and legacy of the elite group of which he's part - Gardner School's privileged Sevens's club.
A worthy successor to Fell (reviewed below), Fell Back is hard to describe without giving away crucial plot points. Like its predecessor, Fell Back combined a textured, evolving protagonist, a quick-paced plot, and reflection of greater societal mores, without being unduly heavy or dull. - Alex

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