Thursday, March 6

The Waitress - Melissa Nathan

Katie Simmons knows she wants to do something with her life, she's just not sure yet what that is. Well, that's not quite true - she's always sure she knows what she wants to be, but that certainty never lasts long. Today it's an educational psychologist, but she's been just as determined to be a teacher and a film director.
In the meantime Katie's a waitress. But when her boss decides to sell up, and the new owner's the guy Katie left in a restaurant in the middle of a disastrous date (not her fault - she was having a massive panic attack), things become even worse.
This is an amusing enough novel, perfect for a long plane ride or a weekend at the beach. Katie's a little ditzy but, in light of her lack of a shoe fetish, this is forgivable. The characters are well drawn, the plot only slightly far-fetched, the happy ending well executed, and the secondary plots sufficiently involving. I won't be hunting down more by Nathan but if something stumbles across my path I'll pick it up. - Alex

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