Thursday, March 27

Hunger - Terry Durack

Foodie Terry Durack's collected a handful of columns (written for publications as diverse as the Sydney Morning Herald to Vogue Entertaining), grouped thematically, that cover: why we stubbornly hold on to the same daily breakfast regardless of how adventurous are our lunch and dinner palates; the joys of surrendering to the best bits of foreign delicacies (like fish eyes in the orient); the deliciousness of left overs; the changes illness make to the recovering palate, and others.
This is definitely a dipping book, best read an essay at a time, but I did succumb and devour it a section at a time. I fear I lost something of the delicacy of the prose, but enjoyed my literary repast none the less. Just watch out - you may find yourself speaking in gustatory metaphors for a while. - Alex

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