Wednesday, March 19

An Omelette and a Glass of Wine - Elizabeth David

Renowned cookery writer Elizabeth David, who transformed the face of British cooking, wrote a regular column for Vogue, and some of these articles are gathered in An Omelette... My mother, a huge David fan, has long praised her work, so when I came across this while hunting for a couple of other epicurean writings, I leapt upon it.
Perhaps it's a mood I'm in at the moment, but I had to struggle to finish each essay, putting the book down to embark on (almost any other) tasks. After half a dozen such attempts, and the vast bulk of the book still ahead of me, I finally gave it up as a bad job. My mother tells me this is far from the best of the collection, and really only interesting to rock-solid David fans, a position I can wholly endorse. - Alex

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