Thursday, March 20

The Once and Future Con – Peter Guttridge

When Nick Madrid, yoga-practicing journalist and reluctant investigator, accompanies his friend Bridget Frost to a university reunion he comes across his first love. Faye inexplicably married the rather wet Rex, now Lord Wynn, and they claim to have found the skeleton of King Arthur. Somehow, inevitably, Nick and Bridget end up in the West Country, trying to uncover the truth while avoiding being killed and - at least in Nick's case - jousting.
This is the fourth Nick Madrid mystery and, like its predecessors, it combines a brisk and involving plot with strong one-liners and even stronger characters. I particularly liked the portrayal of Heritage theme parks, taking over the whole of Britain and to hell with the facts of history.
In the previous three books Nick is drawn with some deep seated issues (mostly centring around women, relationships and sex); in The Once and Future Con we discover where they come from, which is quite satisfying (if a shade over done) for loyal readers. A fun and funny excursion - Alex

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