Tuesday, April 8

Bloomability - Sharon Creech

Dinnie (Domenica Santolina Doone for long) has never been settled in one place - her former city mother, as well as her troublesome older brother Crick and restless older sister Stella, have followed her father from state to state on the hunt for opportunities, certain that the best is yet to come, just one move away. Estranged from her family, Dinnie's mother encouraged her to streamline her life. At twelve Dinnie's down to one box of possessions.
When her aunt and uncle 'kidnap' her - in truth take her abroad with her father's permission, after Crick nears jail and Stella has a baby at sixteen - everything changes. Her uncle's the new Head Master at a school for foreign students in Switzerland, and for the first time in her life Dinnie gets undivided attention, support, and exposure to a group of people who embrace the different and original.
I really enjoyed getting to know Dinnie, who over the course of year experiences real growth and learns to discover who she is. - Alex

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