Thursday, April 3

The Year of the Griffin – Diana Wynne Jones

It’s eight years on from the last offworld Dark Lord tour, and things are starting to get back to normal. Querida has stepped down as High Chancellor, leading Derk in her place, and Wizard Corkoran is now running the Wizard University, where Elda is starting her first year.
But decades of misdirected energy and research have not only financially drained the world, they’ve also twisted teaching and learning magic. Focusing on practical and useful magics has resulted in a faculty devoid of imagination or inquiry, and it’s left to Elda – and her diverse cohort of curious neophyte friends – to rediscover the wonder of magic, saving the world in the process.
This is a delightful sequel to The Dark Lord of Derkholm, set in Jones’ usual universe of nine alternate versions of earth. As always the characters are finely drawn and engaging, the plot is twisty but intelligible, and the writing is threaded with humour and wit. A compelling and thoroughly enjoyable adventure. – Alex

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