Saturday, April 12

Don’t Leave Home Without One! – Dennis Bills

Subtitled A Home Leaver’s Survival Guide, this comprehensive guide covers all the bases for young people living away from home for the first time. In a logical, methodical but readable style Bills discusses everything from share house rosters to sexual health, budgeting to bongs and grog. Though aimed squarely at Australians, with sections on MediCare, Youth Allowances and voting, most of the information would be generalisable to a larder audience.
I’m clearly not the target audience (and read it only because I came across it while checking out budgeting books) and didn’t learn anything stunningly new. My first post-home experiences were relatively untraumatic, so reading this at the time wouldn’t have staved off any dramas, but I know many people for whom this was not the case.
I was a little disappointed that there was no mention of the role of unions in the section about worker’s entitlements, but otherwise this is a meticulous, well written (if not wholly engaging) and very useful book. - Alex

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