Friday, April 11

Fork it Over - Alan Richman

This collection on GQ articles, subtitled "The Intrepid Adventures of a Professional Eater" is divided like a meal, from courses "Amuse-Bouche" to "Cheese", a "Wine" section and "Gratuity" with a couple of "Palate Cleansers" thrown in. For the most part I found the categorising arbitrary (the exceptions being cheese and wine), the tone unduly dismissive of almost everything, and though I completed the book (intermittently, over the course of almost a week), I do in no way agree with Emeril Lagasse's front cover blurb that Richman is even remotely funny. The article of veganism was aggressive and rude (and I'm not a vegetarian, let alone a vegan), and I doubt I'd like the man if I met him in person. If you want to read a collection of amusing, interesting, appetising essays about food, I strongly recommend you read Jeffrey Steingarten instead. - Alex

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