Friday, April 4

Only 104 Weeks to Your Home Deposit - Peter Cerexhe

Possibly good for those who've given little thought to getting a home deposit together, I didn't find Only 104 Weeks to Your Home Deposit particularly fresh or informative. Unlike the other finance books I'm consulting, it deals almost solely with developing a home deposit, which I grant you is evident from the title. Cerexhe therefore concentrates on the two years of saving for this, rather than any other areas of financial investment, with the (no doubt valid) idea that you can do almost anything for that period of time in order to scrape together as much as possible - try for a raise, work overtime, pick up extra work, and (my favourite, clearly aimed at people who have a very different life than I) find people who'll sponsor your saving efforts. As Cerexhe points out, if
parents or relatives are prepared to subsidise your savings you can make between $200 and $20,000 for every $10,000 you save (depending on whether they're subsidising you at a rate of $1 for every $50 you save through to $2 for every $1). Not so much a valid strategy for me. Or anyone I know. And I already work full time, with maximum penalties, and am studying part time, so there's not much spare time for another job. Of course, I'm also looking at my long-term future and not just the time where I'm gathering a deposit. This might be useful for young people who are just starting out, but for a woman in her thirties with a life and an established career it's all too narrow and regimented for me. - Alex

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