Thursday, April 24

Candace Havens: Charmed and Dangerous

A powerful witch acts as a kind of magical body guard to the British Prime Minister. But her success at her job (and her unparalleled skills with potions, charms and mind reading) has drawn her to the attention of the dark forces and now she has a price on her head. That would be bad enough on its own but the bounty hunters trying to kill her aren’t too fussy about who else gets hurt along the way and with the company she keeps that could result in an international incident. Throw in two wealthy, handsome love interests and the odd needy ghost and this witch has her hands full.
Written in the style of a diary this book was a delightfully light and easy read.
The world building is very well done, perhaps a little too well done. The assumption that the reader knows and understands this world and what has gone on in the character’s recent past had me thinking that maybe this was not the first book of the series. It is. The world and the creatures in it are explained but in so subtle and off handed a way that the reader is barely aware of it. It works very well but as I said at times it reads as if you’ve been dumped into a story mid series. But that might have been what the author was going for.
If you’re looking for something that doesn’t require much concentration and is easy to pick up and put down, this could be one for you. Great summer beach reading-Lynn

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