Wednesday, April 30

Triptych - Karin Slaughter

When Michael Ormewood's called out to a particularly gory murder scene in Atlanta's seediest neighbourhoods, even the veteran detective is taken aback. When it becomes clear that this has the hallmarks of the work of a serial killer the Georgia Bureau's called in, and Michael's saddled with Special Agent Will Trent, a member of the Criminal Apprehension Team and a righteous pain that Michael instantly takes a dislike to. When the next victim literally appears in Michael's back yard it becomes clear that his history's coming back to haunt him, in ways Michael never expected.
A departure from Slaughter's Grant County series, Triptych is layered and complex. I can't go into too much detail without giving away much of the plot, which is a little frustrating. I had trouble engaging with it for the first few chapters, but am pleased I perservered because the reframing of aspects of events and characters is particularly well done, and the novel as a whole was very rewarding. This is definitely an above-average addition to the genre and well worth reading. - Alex

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