Friday, October 26

Amanda Quick: Seduction

After the death of his wild and promiscuous first wife, all the Earl of Ravenwood wants from his second wife is an heir and no trouble, so he marries a country bred spinster who agrees to provide him with just that. But she has her own reason for agreeing to the marriage - she wants access to society so that she can hunt down the man who ruined her sister, and take her revenge.
Instead of a quiet life the pair are drawn into blackmail plots, pistols at dawn and arguments about women’s rights, falling in love along the way.
I’ve enjoyed Amanda Quick’s historical romances and this one did not disappoint. It contains subtle humour and mild intrigues (though the villain was obvious early on) as well as a believably developed relationship. I did find the sex scenes a trifle annoying. Our hero never seems to shut up and has a fondness for calling her "sweetheart" once they get naked. Fortunately they are not so frequent as to ruin an otherwise good read. The author obviously researched herbs for this one but is discrete with that knowledge, resisting the urge to share all she had learned, for which I thank her. An easy, entertaining read.-Lynn

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