Wednesday, October 31

Blessings - Anna Quindlen

When Skip Cuddy, freshly released from ten months in jail as the unwitting wheelman in a botched convenience store robbery, finds a box in the driveway of his new employers' grand home in Mount Mason, his first thought is to remove it. Mrs Blessing's very fixed in her ways, and doesn't like anything out of place, as her Korean housekeeper has made very clear to him. But when he lifts the box he discovers it holds a baby, perhaps days old, and he decides to keep her. That decision not only changes his life, giving him something bigger than himself to think about and care for, but thaws out a woman whose life has been a self-centred stream of willful blindness and dissatisfaction, and opens the door for Skip to find love.
It's billed as being "in the best selling tradition of Anne Tyler" and there are certainly some parallels, not least of which is the somewhat aimless lyricism of the novel. The characters were mildly interesting, though I wasn't engrossed, and the plot is exciting but somehow this didn't translate into actually being interesting. I didnt hate it, I didn't love it, I just... eh. - Alex

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