Monday, October 15

Undead and Unreturnable - Maryjanice Davidson

A serial killer is targeting attractive, slender blonde women in Minnesota. Normally this wouldn't worry attractive, blonde Minnesotan Betsy Taylor - as unexpected Queen of the Vampires she's pretty much safe - except that his last victim has started haunting her, and it's seriously interfering with her wedding plans. Not to mention the fact that she's busy enough already - between fending off her would-be suitor, former vampire slayer Jon, keeping secrets from fiance Sinclair (primarily that she can hear his thoughts when they're being intimate), keeping tabs George, on the zombified vampire in her cellar, and worrying about the fate of new half-brother Jon (her step-mother's last child was sired by the devil), Betsy has her hands full.
This is the fourth novel about Betsy, accidental Queen of the Vampires, and it's as frothy and shoe-obsessed as its predecessors. I found the first couple of novels a refreshing take on the chick lit/paranormal hybrid that's become a publishing phenom, but this time around there wasn't any character growth or pizazz. Perhaps it's overload on the genre, but this felt uninspired and insubstantial, and didn't really offer anything new. I've got another similar novel waiting in the library stack and then I think I need a long break, to see if it really in the genre that's lost it's innovation, or if it's me. - Alex

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