Saturday, October 6

The Wandering Icon - Kerry Greenwood

In the second installment of this YA series Penelope and Benny are on the hunt for a icon, a painting of Saint Dionysus that has been stolen from Penelope's church. Yaiyai, her grandmother, is suspected by the congregation of having taken it and it's down to Penelope to clear her grandmother's good name.
Despite my intentions of eking out the small amount of unread Greenwood works I have, I was unable to hold back and had to go straight from The Three-Pronged Dagger to this, and I was not disappointed. In the Wandering Icon the reader unobtrusively learns about a variety of religious beliefs, is exposed to Greek culture, and has the joy of more of Ms Greenwood's gift. The mystery is surprisingly intricate, the motivation/s for the theft believable, and the characters plausible. - Alex

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