Friday, October 5

The Three-Pronged Dagger - Kerry Greenwood

Fourteen-year-old Penelope Thanatopoulos doesn't like schoolmate Benjamin Thorpe (the only thing worse than "Ben and Pen" is "Benny and Penny") but working together at the zoo has allowed her to see his positive attributes. Especially in comparison to bully Kevin Friend.
When Kevin is found in the seal pool, a mysterious three-pronged knife wound in his chest, the police home in on Ben. A martial arts student, he owns a three-pronged knife, that has traces of blood found on it. And when Kevin wakes in ICU he says that Ben did it. Penelope knows Ben's innocent - but can she prove it?
This YA mystery displays all the Greenwood hall-marks - the writing's adept and engaging, the characters are distinctive and three-dimensional, and the plot combines a number of well-integrated secondary plots alongside the primary mystery. - Alex

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