Saturday, October 20

The Spellman Files - Lisa Lutz

Middle daughter Izzy Spellman's a second generation PI. After a lifetime of intrigue and surveillance, eluding tails and hiding her personal life is second nature, but keeping her new boyfriend a secret from both determined parents may not be that easy.
Izzy's ready to leave the family firm, but her parents persuade her to commit to one last case. When she agrees they give her a fifteen year old cold case that Izzy digs her teeth into - despite threats of litigation from the family.
The novel combines reflection with a current issue that Izzy's trying to avoid discussing - it involves her little sister and the police, but the details emerge slowly and reluctantly. The style's interesting, some of the writing's witty, and the general scenrios are original, but for some reason I didn't warm to the characters (except younger sister Rae). Still, I'd be interested to see what Lutz comes up with next. - Alex

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