Sunday, October 7

Danger: Do Not Enter - Kerry Greenwood

Is the decrepit house at 46 Rosella St haunted? After Mr Mosel died a few weeks earlier mysterious lights have been seen in the house after dark, and the students at Penelope Thanatopoulos's school have been forbidden to enter the house on pain of expulsion.
Ben Thorpe would risk his life to determine the truth, so a little thing like that won't deter him from discovering of the house really is haunted. And Penelope senses that school mate Argent's freedom from her tyrannical stepmother is somehow tied up in the house as well.
There isn't anything I can say that will add to my mini-raves about the first two novels - the woman has a gift. In the very short time I've known them I have really developed great affection not only for Penelope and Ben but their families, and I hope Greenwood writes a longer novel about them. - Alex

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