Sunday, October 21

Postsecret - Frank Warren

In 2004 Frank Warren distributed 5,000 postcards, at subway stations, art galleries and in books. He asked people to write down and mail their secrets, some of which were then reproduced on his blog ( He was unprepared for the overwhelming response - a flood of confidences, and a lot of art. This book, the first of six or seven so far, is a compilation of some of those cards. Though not organised thematically, there are some secrets that seem to mirror one another.
The concept and the execution are fascinating, and though each is unique to the creator, there's a certain comfort in seeing the same themes, and even the same secrets, emerging with each batch. I visit the website every week (the secrets are updated on Sundays), and am always surprised.
I would have been better to treat the book like a box of chocolates, to be dipped into and relished, rather than bolted down, but I found myself reading "just one more" until the end. The postcard that has made me think the most wasn't there - it was an artistically accomplished rendering of the second plane hitting the Twin Towers. At the bottom: "everyone who knew me thinks I died." - Alex

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