Tuesday, February 12

Amanda Quick: Surrender

After years of fighting off suitors more interested in her fortune than her, a young heiress is pleased to consider herself firmly on the shelf. But just as society is starting to allow her the limited freedom of a confirmed spinster a new suitor arrives to try to win her hand-and her fortune. But this one is different; he tempts her with adventure and freely admits he is willing to accept her as his mistress if she is unwilling to be his bride.
Forced to marry when they are compromised beyond saving, the two learn that while lust and love are separate things the one can lead to the other if they are willing to let it.
This historical romance lured me in with its unconventional heroine. And I don’t just mean her rejection of the mores of her time (that, after all, is par for the course with this genre). This heroine is neither young nor exceptionally pretty by the standards of her day and what a refreshing thing that was.
At a time when my life has been incredibly busy, Surrender provided a quiet interlude. Undemanding and light, it was easy to read while the main part of my concentration was elsewhere, and I closed the book with a feeling of satisfaction when the story was over. Just what I needed.-Lynn

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