Thursday, February 21

The Chocolate Lovers' Diet - Carole Matthews

Lucy's happily engaged, Autumn has a new boyfriend, Chantal's hoping to save her marriage, and Nadia's husband's stopped gambling. So all's well with the Chocolate Lovers' Club? Well, no - Aidan's in Australia and when Lucy activates the web cam a woman answers - a woman in lingerie with a man in a rumpled bed behind her. Autumn's new boyfriend is perfect, but not for her parents, and her drug-abusing brother's turning to her for help. Chantal's made a distressing discovery, and her husband's had enough of her philandering ways (plus he wants a baby). And Nadia's husband hasn't completely quit gambling.
The solution? Chocolate.
I'm quite the chocolate lover myself, but I almost acquired diabetes reading this - the constant, indiscriminate, mindless chocolate consumption (primarily by the narrating Lucy) made me queasy. I really, really hate chick lit heroines who do stupid things for no good reason (except to advance the plot), and there are no shortage of stupid things here. I did finish it, so that's something, but I think I'll take a break from chick lit in general, Carole Matthews in particular, and chocolate, for now. - Alex

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