Friday, February 22

Owls Well That Ends Well - Donna Andrews

Meg and Michael have finally found a house they can afford, close to the university where he works, and with space for her iron mongery work. The only hitch is that it belonged to Edwina Sprocket, the hoardiest of hoarders, and a condition of the sale was that they'd sell all the junk, giving a percentage of the profits to her family. The Sprockets are numerous (collectively: a surfeit of Sprockets), and convinced Meg and Michael will rip them off, so they're keeping a close eye on the proceedings.
Enter the biggest rummage sale in Caerphilly history - and Meg's family have decided this is a brilliant opportunity to offload their old junk, so there are any number of Langslowian relations underfoot, with an additional seventeen families setting up stalls. And when Meg's dad, retired physician and polymath, discovers owls in the barn, he becomes president of the newly-formed organisation SPOOR (Stop Poisoning Our Owls and Raptors).
Once again Andrews delights with her extended cast of believably eccentric characters, warm good humour, sardonic asides and involving plot. I can't think of anything I haven't said before about this series, except that it's really very good! Alex

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