Saturday, February 16

Tall, Dark and Dead – Tate Hallaway

When she found her coven slaughtered by the Vatican's witch hunters, the remaining member called upon Lilith, the original Goddess, for vengeance. Forgeting to set any of the usual safeties, Garnet now has Lilith permanently with her. She's moved, changed identities - working as a Goth in a New Age store, the last place any self-respecting Wicca would be seen in - and is lying low. But when the most gorgeous guy to cross her path turns out to be a vamp, and her vamp ex turns up again, Garnet has a whole new bunch of problems.
This is an entertaining addition to the genre, with a couple of new twists. There's a coherent backstory - in fact, it reads as though it's the second in a series, but unlike other novels we've come across like this, all the previous action is unobtrusively woven into the plot. The characters are engaging, particularly the mundanes, and though a sequel is highly likely, the plot was well resolved. - Alex

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