Sunday, February 24

Running From the Law - Lisa Scottoline

Rita Marrone loves her father, poker, and the law. She also loves her live-in boyfriend, Paul, and through him has managed to become embroiled in a scandal, representing his father, the Honourable Fiske Hamilton, a judge accused of sexual harrassment. When Patricia Sullivan, the alleged harrassee, is found dead, Rita winds up defending Fiske - a triumph for her firm but a disaster for her relationship.
This is the third in Scottoline's hugely successful series about strong female lawyers in New York - the novels switch protagonists, and at this stage are not linked together. The novel moves briskly but is never far ahead of the reader, and the twists are unexpected but believable. Written in 1995, this installment is a little dated (laptops are a status symbol in themselves, and mobile phones aren't in wide use) but this is a minor quibble that doesn't get in the way of an enjoyable read. - Alex

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