Sunday, February 3

Kerry Greenwood: Death by Water

Another of the peerless Phryne Fisher mysteries. In this one Phryne goes undercover on a luxury cruise in order to catch a jewel thief. Together with her intrepid companion, Dot, she weaves her way through the tangle of suspects with grace, style and a champagne cocktail, never resting until the job is done.
Greenwood delivers a delicious blend of mystery, humour and attitude in this story of Phryne’s adventure on the high seas. Well written, as always, the plot meanders along at a deceptively easy going pace before throwing the reader through a sudden unexpected turn. Greenwood has the ability to dangle a cliché in front of the reader with a wink so that I find myself smiling at the joke rather than annoyed at overused concepts. I’ve said it before and I’ll undoubtedly say it again, read this series, just do it.-Lynn

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