Tuesday, February 26

How Does Asprin Find a Headache? - David Feldman

Best dipped in and out of over a period of days, this eclectic collection of nagging questions (why do the pockets of new jeans sometimes have sand in them? What happens to the holes punched out of writing paper? What takes women so long in bathrooms? Why doesn't ham change colour when it's cooked?) is of interest to those of us who like to collect odd facts for no particular reason. I have a slightly sticky brain, and enjoy knowing random things I'll probably never need to know - if, like me, that thing appeals to you, this is another valuable addition to the family miscellany. It's as well compiled as any other of its kind, and I learned some new facts. - Alex
PS For those of you whose interest was piqued by the questions raised above, the answers are: the sand's the residue of stones used to stone wash some jeans; the holes are recycled as toilet paper, paper towel etc; there are more steps involved in women voiding than men, from needing a stall to partially disrobing, and this fact isn't recognised when building the facilities, leading to a longer wait; ham's already processed (cured and/or smoked) when you buy it, setting the colour.

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